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我與神的第一次接觸 My First Experience of God: The Crazy Dog
耶穌愛小孩 Jesus Loves Little Children
小慕溪有聖靈了 Little Muxi Has the Holy Spirit
不守安息日受神管教 God’s discipline for failing to observe the Sabbath
天使收割麥子,收回天家 The Angels Harvested Wheat to Take Back to the Heavenly Home
禮物 Gift
小強改過自新了 Xiao Qiang Turned Over A New Leaf
天使也參加洗禮 The Angels Who Also Attended the Baptism
天使是婉恩的好朋友 The Angels are Wan-En's Good Friends

我與神的第一次接觸 My First Experience of God: The Crazy Dog


I was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. We used to attend the True Jesus Church in Likas. Every Saturday, we would have a testimony session for the children during the service time. I often heard testimonies about when God came to the rescue of the members who yelled out, “Hallelujah!” when they were in trouble. That really left a deep impression in my mind. I was in 1st or 2nd grade at the time.


One afternoon, I was playing right outside my house with my brother. Our neighbor had a dog that we used to call “the crazy dog”. Whenever we visited this neighbor, we saw the dog tied up to a tree. It would often bark aggressively at people and bare its teeth as though it wanted to bite them. It was a very fierce dog! But that day, I don’t know why, but the dog’s chain was untied. It came running towards us very viciously and wanted to bite us. We picked up some palm tree branches to fend off the dog, but the dog just became more fierce! Just then, my instinct was to shout “hallelujah!”. When my brother heard me shout “hallelujah!” he did so as well. Then a miracle happened.


The ferocious dog from before now suddenly became very afraid and quiet, except for a distressed whine. It started to back away and dodge left and right, as though someone was hitting it. My brother and I just stood still, watching what was happening. Then it turned around and ran away, whining as it went. My brother and I were so scared before but we had no idea what happened. Before we really came to our senses, we made our way home and told our father what had happened. He told us that God had sent an angel to protect us. Thinking about it, it was indeed like an angel was hitting the dog and eventually made it run away. From that moment, I knew God was real. This was the first time I experienced God.

並要在患難之日求告我; 我必搭救你,你也要榮耀我。(詩五十15)
“Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”
(Ps 50:15)

耶和華的使者在敬畏他的人四圍安營, 搭救他們。(詩卅四7)
 “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them.”(Ps 34:7)