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看啊!天使在點名 Behold! The angel is taking the register
神,如何成為我的神 How God became my God
我與神的第一次接觸 My First Experience of God: The Crazy Dog
耶穌愛小孩 Jesus Loves Little Children
小慕溪有聖靈了 Little Muxi Has the Holy Spirit
不守安息日受神管教 God’s discipline for failing to observe the Sabbath
天使收割麥子,收回天家 The Angels Harvested Wheat to Take Back to the Heavenly Home
禮物 Gift
小強改過自新了 Xiao Qiang Turned Over A New Leaf

看啊!天使在點名 Behold! The angel is taking the register


Sunday May 18, 1973 was the third day of the spiritual and evangelical convocation held by the Xihu church in Changhua County. As usual, the children’s service was being held in the morning. After the children’s service, it was customary to hold a prayer session for the children to pray earnestly for the Holy Spirit.
In the morning after the children’s service, little children from different classes gathered in the chapel. The preacher encouraged them, saying, “The Holy Spirit is the proof of going to Heaven. Without the Holy Spirit, we cannot enter into Heaven. Little ones, do you want to go to Heaven? All of you who want to go into Heaven must pray earnestly and ask for the Holy Spirit.”
Then the preacher led the little children to kneel down and pray. After praying for a while, the preacher further encouraged them, “We have not prayed earnestly enough this time. Let’s pray again! I hope everyone can be more focused in their prayer.”


During the second prayer, a little sister named Ai Zhu Chen prayed fervently. While she prayed, she was moved by the Holy Spirit and shed tears. Furthermore, she became filled with the Holy Spirit. At that moment, she saw an angel dressed in brilliant white clothes.
Little sister Chen took a closer look. The angel held a huge book in his hands and then he opened it and began to take the register. She curiously checked out the book, and saw many brothers and sisters’ names in it. At this moment, the bell rang, the prayer session ended, and the vision disappeared, but her heart was very joyful.


Little children! Do you come to service often? Let’s not forget to attend the children’s services. If we do not attend, the angels will not be able to tick our names off on the register and then they will have to report it to Jesus. If they report that to the Lord Jesus, surely He would be displeased. We must often attend services, not only to ensure the teachers or angels note our attendance on the register. The most important purpose of attending services is to listen to Bible stories and teachings, to increase our spiritual knowledge, and to enhance our faith. At the same time, we can pray more and ask God to add to our spiritual strength so that we can complete the tough journey to Heaven.
The Bible encourages us not to forsake “the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.” (Heb 10:25)